hospitality training


About Us

Our Team

The CoffeeScience team are experienced trainers with many years of experience in the hospitality industry and coffee roasting.

Our experience

We have set up and run several successful cafes in the Melbourne area and have thousands of hours of experience in coffee making as well as experience in coffee blending and roasting. Our cafes have attained success and notoriety in good part because we continue to insist on the highest quality coffee and equipment from roasting to pouring to serving.

Our Qualifications

The CoffeeScience team is able to combine formal qualifications in biology, chemistry, physics and teaching with an enthusiasm for fine coffee to offer a variety of short courses ranging from basic to advanced and from technical to fun.

Our Equipment

Courses use industry current equipment. Each participant receives up to date written course notes and easy-reference handouts. On-site training allows us to tailor the course to your recipes and your machines. Off-site training by arrangement.